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  • Prowlers & Growlers: A Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Collection
    Prowlers & Growlers: A Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Collection
    by Gina Kincade, Kiki Howell, Amy Lee Burgess, Aliyah Burke, Isis Pierce, Muffy Wilson, Nicole Morgan, Erzabet Bishop, Erica Reeder, Ever Coming, S.E. Babin, Kallysten, K.C. Stewart, Decadent Kane, Megan J Parker, Savannah Verte, Kathleen Grieve, Marissa Farrar, Ashlynn Monroe, Phoenix Johnson, Angelica Dawson, Joanna Mazurkiewics



  • Sex Is The Best Medicine: A Contemporary Medical Romance
    Sex Is The Best Medicine: A Contemporary Medical Romance
    by Kathleen Grieve
  • Steamy & Dreamy: A Collection of Sizzling Romance, Fairytales, and more!
    Steamy & Dreamy: A Collection of Sizzling Romance, Fairytales, and more!
    by Gina Kincade, Kiki Howell, Muffy Wilson, Erzabet Bishop, Angelica Dawson, Kathleen Grieve, Red L. Jameson, J.S. Morbius, Abby Hayes, Tessa Wanton, Jamie Morgan, Cassandre Dayne, Julie Morgan, Louisa Bacio, Xyla Turner, Kallysten

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What is dibetes? The ADA (American Diabetic Association) defines diabetes as a disease in which the body can't control the amount of sugar in the blood, resulting in too much sugar floating in the blood stream.

The organ in the body that helps control our blood sugars, excreting insulin into the blood stream, is our pancreas. Insulin locks onto the sugar molecules and drags them from the blood stream and across our cell membrane where the sugar can be used for energy. A diabetic either doesn't make enough of his own insulin, or the insulin he does make can't perform its job for one reason or another.

When this happens, a doctor will prescribe insulin or an oral diabetic medication in the form of a pill to help keep blood sugar levels between 80-120.
Tight control to maintain blood sugar in this range is important. Blood sugar that is too low or too high plays havoc on a person's cells and can cause a variety of medical problems related to diabetes.

Here are some symptoms of high blood sugar:

Increased thirst
Difficulty concentrating
Blurred vision
Frequent urination
Fatigue (weak, tired feeling)

Unexplained weight loss

A person is at risk for Diabetes if they have any of the following:

Age greater than 45 years
Diabetes during a previous pregnancy
Excess body weight (especially around the waist)
Family history of diabetes
Given birth to a baby weighing more than 9 pounds
HDL cholesterol under 35
High blood levels of triglycerides, a type of fat molecule (250 mg/dL or more)
High blood pressure (greater than or equal to 140/90 mmHg)
Impaired glucose tolerance
Low activity level
Poor diet

Please, if you are at risk and have had any of the symptoms of diabetes, please see your doctor and be checked. All it takes is a simple blood draw.

If you would like to help raise money for diabetes research, learn how by going to and donate an item for her online auction coming May, 2008. Or, just stop by to see how you can participate in the online auction and help author Brenda Novak raise more than last year!!! Every contribution no matter how big or how small helps!

Some facts taken from webMD for this post.



I'm pleased to spread the word. One of my critique partners on WRITESPOT, jj Keller, is a CAPA Finalist for her book, THE WATCHER. The Romance Studio will be announcing the fourth annual Cupid and Psyche Awards on Valentine's Day 2008!

What are the CAPA's? They are awards given by The Romance Studio for excellence in romantic and erotic fiction. Categories include inspirational, contemporary, fantasy, historical, mainstream, paranormal, romantic suspense, erotic contemporary, erotic fantasy, erotic historical, erotic novella, erotic paranormal, erotic anthology, BDSM, and the Ariana Overton Award for Best Cover Art or the Ari.

Between THE WATCHER and BELIEVE, jj Keller is getting rave reviews from Romance Junkies, Fallen Angels, and Just Erotic Reviews! Way to go, jj!!

THE WATCHER is the first book in a series sold to Cobblestone Press. Here's the blurb:

Jon has been a loving, attentive fiancé, but his angry outbursts of late have made her question their union. On a whim, she visits a fortune teller. She learns the voice she’s hearing is not her imagination, he’s real and he’s there to warn her of danger. Emily questions whether she should marry Jon. How can she truly love Jon when she’s captivated by a voice?

Netzach is Emily’s Watcher. He works with her guardian angel to keep her safe and at present, she’s in danger. Jon Hart isn’t the man he pretends to be. He is evil. Netzach can’t bear to see Emily marry such a man. This isn’t the first time these three souls have interacted. Centuries before, Netzach lost Emily to this vile man. Netzach can’t bear to watch his soul mate fall prey to him once again and he asks the Powers that be to save her.

The next novel is BELIEVE. Here is the blurb:

One member in every generation of Mikhail Romanasky’s family is always named Mikhail. Additionally, one member in every generation of receives the gift of future sight. This time around, Mikhail received the privilege of both and she is developing further gifts she wished she didn’t have. She’s having precognitive visions of children kidnapped by a man so evil, so vile it makes her skin crawl. Mikhail takes her information to the police to save a local child.

Detective Jensen Palmer couldn’t help suspecting that a gypsy who makes her living telling fortunes must be using him to further some confidence scheme. Mikhail knows that to save Jensen’s beloved five year old nephew, Jensen will have to learn to believe.

The last in the series is MELODY'S SONG, a future release. Here's a taste:

Melody Haney has an angelic singing voice, but denies the gift after her son dies. Out of obligation, when she is asked to sing to hospitalized children she agrees. Accused of stealing drugs from the oncology unit, she pushes away the one man who would stand by her.

Dr. Devon Siegal, pediatric oncologist, doesn’t believe in coincidences. Even when faced with evidence that could damn her, he continues to believe in Melody’s innocence. He has faith she will tell him everything and love will prevail.

What's next for jj? She just submitted THE TAROT CARD to The Wild Rose Press, and will be doing a series of guest blogging on TRS! For more information on jj Keller, you can go to or check out her blog, jj's Spice and Humor at



ISN'T HE GORGEOUS?? Kim Mendoza with The Wild Rose Press did an AWESOME job on my cover for THE DOCTOR'S DECEPTION! The first round of edits were completed without a hitch, too. I am so pleased with the professinalism and all the wonderful people at TWRP. They have made my first experience with publication a breeze! My editor said the edits should only take a couple of weeks, since my manuscript was so clean, so I should have a release date, soon!

Tomorrow, I'll be featuring author, JJ Keller. She is a CAPA nominee, and has been racking up a stack of reviews for her latest release, BELIEVE!



Here is another of my favorite book covers! LIQUID HYPNOSIS comes out in print in February. Tina LaVon will be signing adavanced copies of her book this weekend in Glendale, AZ at the nationally famous Chocolate Affair on Friday and Saturday at 59th Ave and Glendale.


Tina will be there Friday Feb 1st, 5 PM-10 PM, and Sat. Feb 2nd, 10 AM - 10 PM. I know she would love it if you stopped by and said hello.

This book is a MUST for your keeper shelf! Liquid Hypnosis was an EPPIE finalist, a Wild Rose Press Bestseller, a Recommended Read at Fallen Angel Reviews, and Nominated by LASR for Best Romance of 2007!

Here is an excerpt taken off The Wild Rose Press Loop Tina posted earlier this week:

Liquid Hypnosis
by Tina LaVon ISBN# 1-60154-123-6

More innocent lives will be lost if Samantha Garrett, the DEA agent known as The Human Lie Detector, is unable to solve the mystery surrounding a secret formula that controls minds. Her career took a roller coaster ride after her last case went badly, but she still has a chance at the promotion dangling in front of her and she refuses to lose it now. While searching for the suspect that got away, she must fight her feelings for his brother and handle the repercussions from her last case, which haunts her still.

Kevin Brewster, a mild-mannered, dedicated doctor, has spent his life trying to make up for his father's crimes. His work life revolves around a clinic helping those in great need with no resources to take care of themselves. To that end, he has become inventive and daring. In addition to his work there, he must now prove his brother's innocence before the by-the-book DEA agent discovers their secret.

Read the first scene at

Available at the Chocolate Affair,
Or Order from Amazon or a bookseller near you.



Did you know that last year alone, diabetes claimed more than 284,000 lives? That statistic comes from an article released by the American Diabetes Association last week. The number is staggering.

Diabetes affects my family, too. How about you? Familiar with the above image? Do you or someone you love need insulin to survive?

The entire month of May and once a week until then, I'll be posting information on diabetes in support of Brenda Novak's Auction right here on Keeping A Pulse On Life & Romance. I'm hoping this will not only increase awareness about the disease, but help generate buzz and donations for such a wonderful cause. I'm also donating a framed 8x10 autographed photo of Chicago Cub's third baseman, Ron Santo to the auction. He's a shoe in for the Hall of Fame!

Here's where to go to get more information:

Don't miss Brenda Novak's 4th Annual On-line Auction for Diabetes research May 1 - May 31st at There, you'll find meet & greets, autographed books, baskets and other items from some of today's biggest fiction authors, including Sherrilyn Kenyon, Ridley Pearson, Jayne Ann Krentz, Debbie Macomber, Susan Wiggs, Allison Brennan, Lisa Jackson, Christine Feehan, Jane Porter, Jami Alden and more. And if you're an aspiring writer, you won't want to miss the reads that will be offered by many of the most powerful agents and editors in publishing (some even come with a guaranteed 24-hour response--you can't beat that!)
Need something good to read? I highly recommend Brenda Novak's STILLWATER TRILOGY--DEAD SILENCE, DEAD GIVEAWAY, AND DEAD RIGHT. They are available at Barnes and Noble and Borders Bookstores. Look for her 2008 release in June, TRUST ME.