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  • Prowlers & Growlers: A Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Collection
    Prowlers & Growlers: A Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Collection
    by Gina Kincade, Kiki Howell, Amy Lee Burgess, Aliyah Burke, Isis Pierce, Muffy Wilson, Nicole Morgan, Erzabet Bishop, Erica Reeder, Ever Coming, S.E. Babin, Kallysten, K.C. Stewart, Decadent Kane, Megan J Parker, Savannah Verte, Kathleen Grieve, Marissa Farrar, Ashlynn Monroe, Phoenix Johnson, Angelica Dawson, Joanna Mazurkiewics



  • Sex Is The Best Medicine: A Contemporary Medical Romance
    Sex Is The Best Medicine: A Contemporary Medical Romance
    by Kathleen Grieve
  • Steamy & Dreamy: A Collection of Sizzling Romance, Fairytales, and more!
    Steamy & Dreamy: A Collection of Sizzling Romance, Fairytales, and more!
    by Gina Kincade, Kiki Howell, Muffy Wilson, Erzabet Bishop, Angelica Dawson, Kathleen Grieve, Red L. Jameson, J.S. Morbius, Abby Hayes, Tessa Wanton, Jamie Morgan, Cassandre Dayne, Julie Morgan, Louisa Bacio, Xyla Turner, Kallysten

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Did you know that if you are a diabetic and become sick you should still take your diabetic medication?

Lately, we have had a special on patients being admitted into our ICU with a condition called Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA). This is when blood sugar levels are dangerously high. I'm talking a blood sugar of greater than 400. One patient came in with blood sugars of greater than 1000.

Although there are many reasons DKA happens, the recent cause has been a belief that when a diabetic is sick (like with flu or cold) and they are not eating, they think they shouldn't take their insulin or oral diabetes medication.

Makes sense, right? But this is a completely false belief. In fact, when a diabetic is ill, it is even more important they take their diabetic meds. Why? Because the body requires more sugar at the cellular level in order to fight off the bug that has bitten them. If you don't take your insulin to drag those sugar molecules into the cells, that sugar just sits in the blood stream and doesn't do your body any good.

It is also a good idea to check your blood sugar levels when you are sick more often than you usually do. This way, you know exactly how your body is coping while you are sick.

As always, if you have questions or concerns about your medication while you are sick call your doctor's office and ASK!! There are no dumb questions. No one will think you are bothering the doctor. It is our job to be there for you. If it is after hours, you can certainly call a nurse hotline--any hospital has one and if not, call your local emergency room and ask questions.



If you'd like to help raise money for diabetes research, join Romantic Suspense Author Brenda Novak in May for her fourth online auction for Diabetes. For more information, go to to learn how you can donate items for the auction or see what has been donated so far. Who knows? Maybe there is a prize on auction for you!



Mike Sandulak, Division Chief with the Phoenix Fire Department Public Affairs Section, has been invaluable with my research for my manuscript Dating 911. Here are some things I've learned:

1)On any given day, there are approximately 400 firefighters on duty in Phoenix.

2)They have three shifts: A, B, and C, and work 24 hours on and 48 hours off.

3)Approximately 75% of the calls firemen respond to are medical calls. They also have Haz Mat
teams and Technical Rescue teams that carry specialized equipment as well as ARFF trucks at Sky Harbor Airport.

4)Firefighters have to handle seeing and dealing with tragedy everyday in their jobs and it can take its toll over time. It takes a special person with a great deal of physical and mental toughness to do this job. It is also a very rewarding profession as they help and make a difference in peoples lives every day. The Phoenix Fire Department takes care of its own just like the customers they serve, top notch.

5)They have there own Critical Incident Debriefing Team as well as Father Carl. They also have an excellent Employee Assistance Program. Firmen also take care of their own and are trained to see signs if a fellow Firefighter is having problems. Nothing is really mandatory including time off, but it is always offered if needed or requested.

6)The Phoenix Fire Department's motto is Survive, Prevent Harm, and Be Nice.

Next time you see a fireman tell him "Thanks!" for a job well done!

Now, on to other business. The winner of yesterday's anatomy quiz is Lynnette! Her guess was the closest--ten. There are ELEVEN erogenous zones on the female body. Congratulations! You receive the $5 Barnes and Noble gift card. I'll email you to get your address!!



Ok, question for all the the men out there. How many erogenous zones are there on a woman's body? One? Two? Ten? No, this is not a multiple choice question!

I won't leave it up to the men. Ladies, how well do you know your own bodies?

For all you romance writers out there. Do you know?

Leave your answer in the comment section for the chance to win. The person closest will receive a $5 gift card for Barnes & Noble.

To stimulate your cerebrum (the thinking part of your brain) I've listed a couple to get you started. Let's begin at the top, shall we?

1) The face and hair.

A gentle caress to your partner's face or running your fingers through her hair can be very intimate. For different types of stimulation, try nuzzling with your whiskers or your eyelashes on her cheek, neck, or hair.

2) Next, move down to her shoulders, arms, and hands.

A light touch or kneading pressure can create intimacy and start a slow seduction. Hold your gal's hand or give her a firm shoulder massage to work out any tension she may have from daily stressors.

3)Now to get a little more intimate. Heighten arousal by moving to mouth and lips, earlobes, behind the ear, neck and throat.

A lot of women enjoy french kissing more than intercourse. Spend time nibbling, stroking, licking these areas. Let your breath lightly fan her neck, but careful not to breathe so heavy you could be a crank caller on the other end of a phone!

OK. Now you have a start. Use your imagination and move further down a woman's body. What's next? Can you come up with the correct number of erogenous zones? Winner will be announced on Friday's blog. Also, we'll be checking out the Phoenix fire department! And if you've seen my myspace page lately, you'll be saying, "YOWZA", too!



What kind of music do your hero and heroine (H/H) listen to? Is this trait something you think about when you're developing a character? And how important is music to deepening your character?

These questions woke me up yesterday and I couldn't go back to sleep. Which was a major bummer, let me tell you. Working the night shift at the hospital plays havoc with a person's system enough as it is, but that is a whole other post!

Music is important in my character developement. But I find myself imposing my musical tastes on my H/H and have to be very careful. They need to be their own individuals, right?

So, how about you? Do your H/H listen to the music they would listen to? Or, music you would listen to?



The other day when I received my cover for my book, I mentioned in passing to my husband that some of the authors on The Wild Rose Press loop had stated they had framed their book covers. Yesterday, he came home with a GIANT photograph he'd had made of my book cover-- A 20x30 sized framed photo!!!

Finding my voice, I said, "isn't that a little big?" And he replied, "Not for your first book." He went into the sports room, took down his framed picture of Sammy Sosa, and hung my book in all his glory in Sammy's place!! Go figure.

Here is the back cover blurb and excerpt from THE DOCTOR'S DECEPTION:

Heart surgeon Stone Lassiter has successfully transplanted beating hearts. It's his own that causes him the most agony. With a death bed promise to his fiancée, he’s driven to open a transplant center in her hometown and arrives at Deerborne County General Hospital. Single minded in his focus, he inadvertently alienates the nursing staff he needs to make his dream a success. He sets his stethoscope on intensive care nurse, Faith Daniels, to improve his image.

Nurse of the Year, Faith Daniels has passed every nursing exam, but when faced with the MCAT, she has severe test anxiety. Burned by her ex-husband, who used her to put him through law school, she has become focused on passing that darn exam and achieving her own dream to become a doctor.
Will Stone’s white lie jeopardize the love they find?

Faith opened the door and there he stood. She’d seen Dr. Lassiter in a suit and tie before. He didn’t always wear scrubs while in the unit. But she should’ve known after her traitorous reaction to him lately, that tonight would be different--more personal.
Her breath caught.

Okay, to be fair, she did want his body. She could admit that freely to herself.

His honey blonde hair was damp and curled slightly at his collar. From the wet look, he’d waited until the last minute to get ready. Nothing vain about this man. The dark dinner jacket he wore accentuated his powerful shoulders and broad chest. The white shirt set a sharp contrast to his tan skin. Her fingers itched to loosen the simple black silk tie and unbutton the top buttons of his shirt to get to what lay underneath.

“Hello, Faith.”

Slowly exhaling, she silently whistled and gazed into his eyes. Jeez, get a grip. Here she was undressing him before the evening had even begun. But, the heat radiating from the brown depths set off fire alarms in her brain.

Finally. Melted chocolate. Her gaze flew to his lips. How would he taste?

Try as she might, there was no shutting out reality. Her stomach quivered in tandem with her thoughts.

Oh, my.

“Hi, Dr. Lassiter,” she said, breathless.

This is not a date. This is not a date. This is not…

His lips curved.